SNBC Logistics Solutions Shine at CeMAT ASIA 2020 in Shanghai
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From November 3rd-6th, SNBC presents with its self-developed automated sorting system and a variety of logistics products at Booth K3 in Hall W1 of CeMAT ASIA 2020 held in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. Demonstration of the efficient, intelligent and collaborative work of SNBC logistics automation equipment won attention of exhibition visitors.


     SNBC participates in CeMAT ASIA 2020


Facing up to the real pain points of customers, SNBC provides automation solutions


In recent years, the rise of e-commerce has brought large space for value-added development of logistics products. The substantial increase in the volume of parcels places higher requirements on the operating system of all aspects of traditional logistics, which also means that the market's demand for more efficient and better quality logistics equipment is becoming more and more urgent.


The technological progress of logistics automation has been fully demonstrated in this year’s CeMAT ASIA and many exhibitors have displayed their related products. As one of them, SNBC built an on-site work scene simulating the automated sorting in a real sorting center, specifically demonstrated the enabling role of this solution in promoting the industry's cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.


    SNBC on-site automated sorting system


SNBC believes that what really matters is how to solve the real pain points of customers. Based on this, SNBC has developed an automated solution that includes Automated Sorting System (annular), Straight Line Sorting System, Parcel Singulator, Swing Wheel Sorter and Omni-directional Barcode Scanning Machine, covering almost all sorting processes, namely packaging, preliminary sorting, parcel singulation , scanning and weighing, sorting and dropping, and packaging etc..


It is worth mentioning that SNBC can not only design the process flow, analyze the efficiency and arrange the equipment layout according to the overall business requirements of the logistics system and the site area; but also determine the type of sorting equipment and related technical parameters according to the customer’s actual operating conditions, product structure, comprehensive efficiency, destination and routing. Functions such as automatic code scanning and automatic weighing can also be configured flexibly according to customers’ requirements. It is customer demand-oriented, highly cost-efficient and free of redundant configuration. SNBC automated sorting system supports any express brand and the sorting plan can be switched as well.


     SNBC Automated Sorting System (Annular)



△     SNBC Straight Line Sorting System


With an eye on the broad market prospect of logistics equipment, SNBC creates a one-stop logistics solution


Sep 16th, 2020 (The Expresswire) -- “Sortation System Market" is valued at US$ 5248.7 million dollars in 2020 is expected to reach US$8416.6 million dollars by the end of 2026, growing at a CAGR of 6.9% during 2021-2026. 


In recent years, with the rapid development of logistics intelligence, the smart logistics equipment market has shown great potential. Focused on the logistics industry, SNBC has launched an overall solution covering logistics informatization, automation, and terminal distribution including printers,weighing&dimensioning machines and parcel lockers in addition to the automated sorting system. SNBC has been providing customers with customized, one-stop solutions. 


  SNBC Logistics Industry Solution

In the future, SNBC will continue to serve more partners with our strong independent research and development capabilities through high-tech products and complete intelligent logistics solutions. CeMAT ASIA 2020 is ongoing. Welcome to SNBC Booth W1-K3 to learn more.


During the exhibition, there will be an online live show of SNBC booth where professional staff will introduce our products and solutions. Search SNBC on Facebook to find and join our live show!