Enterprise Culture

Values and methodology constitute the corporate culture of SNBC.

SNBC values include vision, mission, core values, enterprise spirit, business management philosophy, etc. They are the SNBC believes in long-term development, the foundation of SNBC's corporate culture, and SNBC's "Road to Growth".

SNBC methodology is a method for SNBC people to think and solve problems under the guidance of values, including organizational structure, systems, processes and other systems. It is a collective thinking mode and the "method of growth" of SNBC.


To Provide Smart Solutions for Partner’s business success.


To be the world's leading provider of intelligent equipment / equipment solutions


The six values of SNBC include "customer orientation, hard work, team work, innovation, learning, and dedication", which are the core of SNBC's corporate culture. Customer orientation and hard work is the business philosophy, and team work, innovation, learning, and dedication are the corporate spirit.

Customer Orientation

Customer Orientation

Create Value

Hard Work

Activate Effect and

Continue to Struggle

Cooperate and Complement,Take Responsibility
Open, Innovation Embrace change
Apply to Actual Work Pursue Excellence
Honest and pragmatic professional and happy