SNBC Participated Electronica/productronica India 2012 in Bangalore
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From Sep 10th to 12th, SNBC(stock no.002376)participated Electronica/productronica India 2012 in Bangalore for the first time. This exhibition is a branch exhibition of Germany Munich international electronics. It has successfully hosted 11 sessions, that is the most professional and internationalized exhibition for electronic components and production technology in India and South Asia.


As a professional manufacturer of special printers and scanners, SNBC launched the receipt/journal printers, barcode/label printers, embedded printers, and special scanners for the exhibition. Among them, the desktop thermal label printer BTP - L520 / L540, thermal receipt printer U80, embedded printer BK - T680, embedded check scanner BS - C100P caused a lot of visitors’ interests, and became the focus of the exhibition.


Desktop thermal label printers BTP - L520 and BTP - L540’s print widths are 56 mm and 104 mm. They are configured with high speed 32-bit micro processor and 64 MB SDRAM, which means a good function in label data preprocessing and cache. BTP - L520 and BTP - L540 can be competent for high speed printing with print speed 152 mm/s and resolution 203 dpi; and they also have rich extensions, such as LCD screen and peeler, which can meet personalized requirement.


Thermal receipt printers U80 is newly launched by UPRINT brand. The inversed master board and fence on the paper inlet can effectively avoid erosion of solid or liquid into the main board. It has unique paper saving and low consumption functions, that can save papers as high as 20%, and standby power loss is less than 1 w. U80 is an environmental printer which is conform to the energy star standard.


Embedded printer BK - T680 is a high-performance embedded thermal printer with cutter and presenter. BK - T680 can accommodate consumables of 300 mm (Max) across, 80 mm (Max) wide. It has an excellent printing speed of 150 mm/s, and support characteristic functions, such as double color printing, watermark. As an important printing unit, BK - T680 has been widely used in various kinds of self-service terminals, such as ATM machine, information terminal, data communication terminal, etc.


Check scanner BS - C100P is a professional embedded scanner which can offer self-help check processing. This product adopts modular design, and each module can combine conveniently. BS - C100P can support duplex scanning, overlapping paper detection, MICR recognition, etc. It also has rich functions of scanning and printing, which can support a resolution of 300dpi and multi position inkjet double-sided printing. And because of the paper automatic correction, multi-angle paper feeding and open channel, BS - C100P is easy to use and maintain.