SNBC Participated WLS 2012 World Lottery Exhibition in Montreal, Canada
release date:2012-09-12 01:40 author:admin click:1676

From Sep 10th to 12th, SNBC (stock no.002376)participated in WLS 2012 world lottery exhibition in Montreal with series of lottery printers and scanners. The exhibition is an annual event for the world lottery industry, and it is held by WLA (World Lottery Association) and NASPL (North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries).


As a professional manufacturer of special printers and scanners, SNBC exhibited , special lottery printer, printer and other products, which attracted numerous visitors’ attention. Some famous international lottery enterprises also visited our booths, and expressed a keen interest for SNBC’s lottery products.


Hybrid lottery printer BM - 200 L is a high-end lottery product which first integrated "printing" and "scanning". This product adopts the design of integration, which combines lottery printing, lottery entry and lottery expiry date together, to solve the problem of lottery terminal fittings occupying too much space. And it also effectively solved abnormal betting problems that caused by defected, compressed, dirty, or half lottery bill. BMD- 200 L can offer "embedded" and "external hung" two ways, and is the best choice for lottery printing industry.


Special lottery printer BTP - R200S is a high performance thermal lottery printer, which can store 30 lapped papers, and support large paper roll of 175 mm. BTP - R200S is mainly used for all kinds of lottery printing. Relying on its high speed printing capacity of 200 mm/s, automatic paper cutting, paper storage, and easy paper loading, BTP - R200S is well suitable for continuous printing.


Duplex printer BTP - R990 is a thermal receipt printer. It has two print heads to perform double-sided thermal printing. One small receipt back can be printed with promotional coupons and enterprises culture, which provides value-added services for users. In addition, the application of double-sided technology can save papers as high as 45%, and also save the cost of transportation, storage and print time, that can decrease comprehensive cost of 20% - 35% or so, and create more profit for enterprises.