• Swing wheel sorting machine
  • Swing wheel sorting machine
Swing wheel sorting machine
Wheel Diverter is mainly used in Automatic Matrix Sortation System and installed at the end of 6-sided scanning system/RFID Identification&Reading terminal to sort parcels as per sort plan on ±45° divert or "straight through" mold.
Product Description
Specification Configuration
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Configurable   Speed

Speed configurable from 0.8~2.0m/s

Group Divert

Diverting modules are divided into 4 groups; Each group can be controlled to divert   separately;

Easy Maintenance

Independent roller drive unit for easy disassembly and maintenance

Specification   parameters


Divert   Mode + Stream mode


  ≥6000items/h(Package Average   Dimension: 550mm; Package Spacing: 450mm)

Straight   Through Drive

Electric   roller drive

Divert   Drive

4   Groups divert, Servo motor drive

Parcel   Weight Range


Package   Size Range

Min   Size:150mm*150mm*15mm

Max   Size:1000mm*700mm*700mm

Package   Type

Carton   Box, Ploy Bag etc.



Sorting   Rate


Operating   Temp


Operating   Humidity




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Note: The above product performance data is recorded by SNBC based on the controlled environment test, and the actual usage depends on the external environment.
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