NEWS! SNBC won the award of "2020 China Post Industry Science and Technology"
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Recently, the audit results of the 2020 China Post Industry Science and Technology Award were released. After authoritative and strict audition, SNBC won the third prize for our "Straight-line Sorting System" , the innovative ability in the field of logistics automation won the industry Recognized.


The Post Industry Science and Technology Award was approved by the National Science and Technology Award Office, sponsored by the China Express Association, and was officially established in 2018. The award is selected every two years, and is mainly for organizations or individuals who have made outstanding contributions to scientific and technological activities such as technology research and development, major engineering and policy research in the postal and express delivery fields. It is a very important professional award in the express postal industry.

The rapid development of e-commerce in recent years has brought huge development value-added space for logistics equipment. The substantial increase in the volume of parcels has higher requirements for the operating system of all aspects of traditional logistics, and it also means that the market's demand for more efficient and better quality logistics equipment is becoming more and more urgent.

Taking the logistics sorting as an example, most of the cross-belt sorting systems on the market are based on circular cross-belt equipment, which has the characteristics of fast equipment operation and large parcel throughput, but there are restrictions on the size of the venue. The width of a basic circular cross belt is about 13 meters. In addition to the normal operation and manual operation of the equipment, the required width should be reserved to about 25 meters, which is not an ideal choice for the small site or the mature planning who needs to improve the efficiency of the parcel sorting.

Through the R&D and application of PLC control technology, intelligent identification, and wireless data transmission, SNBC has gradually built a complete set of automated logistics sorting solutions. As an important part of the solution, the award-winning "Straight-line Sorting System" is especially suitable for venues with limited area or long and narrow venues.


SNBC Straight-line Sorting System

Relying on its small size, high sorting efficiency, low error rate and other characteristics, SNBC "Straight-line Sorting System" perfectly solves the problems of insufficient space reserved for express and logistics companies and low manual sorting efficiency, helping express and Logistics companies save labor costs, improve sorting efficiency, promote sorting accuracy, and improve equipment operation flexibility.