SNBC won Parcel Singulator project of SF Express
release date:2020-08-24 14:56 author:admin click:2706

Recently, SNBC received the bid-winning notice from SF Group and was confirmed as the winner of the tender for Vision Recognition Parcel Singulator for SF automatic package sorting project. SNBC has been cooperating with SF for a long time and has maintained a good business partnership. The winning of the bid marks the deepening of cooperation between both sides. Meanwhile, the product market share is expected to continue to increase, generating scale effect and adding new impetus to the growth of the company's performance.

In recent years, global logistics demand continues to grow and the trend of logistics automation develops rapidly. The global parcel business exceeded 110 billion pieces in 2019. Sorting process is a very important part of logistics. And its efficiency has a direct impact on logistics cost and delivery quality. Unlike the high-efficient, stable and unmanned automated back-end sorting system, the front-end parcel separation is still mainly rely on manual operation which requires operator to turn the waybill side up and separate parallel parcels manually, this leads to high labor cost, high labor intensity, low work efficiency,  which doesn’t match with the automated back-end sorting system.


As a well-known domestic smart devices/equipment solutions provider in logistics industry, SNBC had aware of the limitation of manual parcel separation early in 2018. With rich experience accumulated in logistics industry and technology research and development advantage, SNBC developed the vision Recognition Parcel Singulator system which can realize high-speed separation of parcels of different volume and types in real time by visually identifying and locating the parcel on a dense array and with high-speed control algorithm. Thus, the problem of parcel parallel procession on cross belt before automatic sorting is addressed.

Sorting integration, automation, pipelining operation

After parcels are unloaded, the parcel singulator arranges, separates and intelligently queues the parcel to realize the orderly export of the parcel at a certain distance. In combination with the automatic sorting system, the whole parcel conveying and sorting process is automatically operated in an integrated flow line.

Economization on manpower

In the past, logistics workers had to sort tons of parcels with their hands. Even with an automatic sorting belt, it still takes 2-3 workers to separate and supply parcels, which requires high labor intensity  but results in low efficiency. The vision Recognition Parcel Singulator developed by SNBC can handle parcels without manual labor, thus manpower is saved.

Efficiency improvement

With the separating speed of more than 4000 parcels per hour and the stable separation rate (field measured data) of over 98%, SNBC parcel singulator is not bound by the clutter or stacking density of parcels and is stable and durable. The efficiency is 5 times higher than traditional manual operation, greatly enhancing the automation of the sorting center. SNBC also launched the trunk lines of heavy cargo and standard delivery and other different types of products, fully meeting the needs of different customers.

Management optimization

Increasing volume of business and difficulties in recruiting and retaining workers has always been the "pain point" of the express industry. The automatic and unmanned operation of parcel singulator can efficiently reduce problems such as difficulty in recruiting workers and raising wages, reduce difficulty in personnel management and optimize enterprise management, which conforming to the trend of automation, intelligence and less humanization in logistics industry.


Parcel singulator is just one of the representative products of SNBC logistics industry solutions. In recent years, SNBC has been focusing on the logistics industry and introduced one stop  solutions covering logistics informationization, automation, last mile delivery such as label printers, weighing & dimensioning machines, automated sorting system and parcel lockers with our accumulated advantages in technology innovation and intelligent manufacturing in the field of smart devices/equipment. In the future, SNBC will continue to utilize its independent research and development strength to serve more partners through high-tech products and improved intelligent logistics overall solutions and boost the development of intelligent logistics.