New Technology Lead to New Future
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As a solution provider of smart devices and equipment, SNBC cultivates on the innovation and development of key technologies and intelligent devices for many years. Deeply rooted in the needs and pain points of banks and customers, SNBC empowers financial services to improve quality and efficiency by the power of science and technology.

Technology innovation

In recent years, SNBC has achieved fruitfully results in financial field, and the banknote identification method and device won the China Patent Excellent Award, the method and device for acquiring digital image data won the first prize of the Shandong Provincial Patent Award, and the banknote processing method and device won the third prize of the Shandong Provincial Patent Award. That is not only the research and respect for the market, but also conveys the core values of “customer-centric and striver-oriented".

Part 1 Master the core technology and understand the needs of market

The self-service devices of large-volume cash deposit machine (stand-alone type, lobby type, through-the-wall type, multi-function type) and high speed cash deposit machine have core patents for the counterfeit detection and identification, which greatly reduce the missing detection rate of banknotes.

These devices can meet the needs of self-service handling of cash businesses based on bank cards, passbooks, checks, certificates of deposit, etc. to improve the banking service capabilities. Among them, the multi-function high-speed large-volume cash deposit and withdrawal machine can also handle non-cash comprehensive business, such as account opening, account cancellation, partial withdrawal and continue deposit and so on.

(Rich in products and complete in functions, for terminal users, the products simplifies the business process and shortens the processing time. For banks, the products can greatly relieve the pressure on counters and improve the efficiency of customers in branches.)


Part 2 Facilitate the transformation of smart banks and understand the expectations of customers

By integrating the bank card module, password module, identity verification module, notes printing module, notes acceptance module, cash handling module and software applications, SNBC launched a smart teller machine, which can achieve more than 90% self-service business, and can realize high-speed large-volume cash deposit and withdrawal. Besides, it can also handle check business, optional public check business and personal pay-in slip business.

There are many advantages of self-service equipment, including achieve self-service counter business, reduce operating costs, improve business efficiency, reduce the teller pressure, improve customer service experience and help the smart bank transformation.


Part 3 Meet the needs of software applications and understand the importance of data security

SNBC provides bank customers with complete smart banking system software, including cross-platform system, integrated operation and maintenance system, and business unified access system, etc., which can meet the application requirements of smart devices and scenarios, realize the cyclic application and processing of device/application status, online transactions, and transaction data, and guarantee safer data circulation transactions.


Innovation in financial services has become a key focus for banks. In the environment of financial disintermediation and interest rate marketization, the intelligence and sophistication of self-service equipment and counter have become a powerful tool for banking institutions to expand their scale, improve their ability to absorb more deposits, and continuously strengthen and improve the service methods. By optimizing cash and non-cash business processes, SNBC financial intelligent devices provide smart bank branch transformation solutions, using the power of technology to reduce customer operating costs.

In the future, based on the core technology, independent research and development of banknotes and other important financial media delivery and circulation of the processing solutions, SNBC will also follow the trend of intelligent transformation of bank branches. With intelligence and automation to promote the development of the industry’s unmanned and less human, and to build a smart financial ecosystem based on “finance + scenario”, SNBC are dedicated to becoming the world’s leading provider of smart devices and equipment solutions.