The SNBC Label Printer – BTP-4200E
release date:2023-03-25 09:09 author:admin click:527

Recently, SNBC has launched a new generation of desktop label printer BTP-4200E to the market. This new appearance product has 152mm/s high printing speed, 64MB large memory and other configurations, which not only greatly improves work efficiency, but also meets the extensive needs of logistics, retail, medical and other industries.

Attractive Appearance

The house of BTP-4200E adopts streamlined design, which makes it more lively and fashionable. With dark gray as the main color, the whole machine is suitable for commercial and office use, etc. The compact design of 280mm×218mm×180mm makes the printer alluring.


Humanized Design

The transparent window designed on the top of BTP-4200E is convenient for users to observe the usage of labels from multiple angles, so as to replace paper in time and ensure the continuity of printing.


Thermal/Thermal Transfer Two-mode Printing

Thermal/thermal transfer two-mode printing allows direct print on the thermal sticky label paper, waybill and can also install ribbon to print PET label paper, washed mark, jewelry label and price label.

120mm Ultra-wide Paper Channel

Support 19mm-120mm label width with its adjustable channel design, adapt to more consumables.


Easy to Operate

The mechanisms can be lifted up to nearly 90° angles. Large operating space allows easy paper loading and ribbon replacement. And BTP-4200E is certified by Seagull and Bartender enables various coding and labeling editing, customers can quickly and easily create professional-looking labels.



BTP-4200E is equipped with a standard USB port, but according to customer requirements, it can also support serial ports, Ethernet, Bluetooth, WiFi and other interfaces, which can meet various requirement.


Along with above features, there are also other options available. For the paper out, BTP-4200E supports tear off, peel off and cut. And in order to meet customers’ demand for RFID function, BTP-4200E supports Ultra RFID that gathers more information.

The SNBC BTP-4200E label printer is the perfect solution for various businesses. With its superior performance and low cost, it offers a great value for different label printing requirement. Check out the BTP-4200E today and experience the superior performance and quality that SNBC has to offer.