BTP-N90LF, the New SNBC Label Thermal Printer
release date:2023-03-14 08:51 author:admin click:653

Recently, SNBC announces the new member of its label thermal printer, the BTP-N90LF, which has been certified by MAXStick®. Taking into consideration the growth of liner-free label application, this printer features all the key functionality to enable users’ time-saving in retail, hospitality, food service, office, and many other industries.


With this unique printer, users can print individual labels for each item in an order, stick liner free labels swiftly and effectively to save staff work time and reduce labeling errors. Whether printing labels for coffee, pizza, or food pick up, the new BTP-N90LF is a good choice for an owner who wishes to enhance working efficiency.

SNBC commits to providing customers with the highest quality products and exceptional service. So with its advanced features, exceptional performance, and user-friendly design, the BTP-N90LF will be a wise investment for businesses seeking streamline their labeling processes and improve their operations.